Active Rest


Active Rest.  It's a bus stop, a meeting place, a place of introverted meditation or extroverted performance, an urban fort, a test of grappling finger strength.  Above all, it is a prototype for a new type of urban object that can be quickly adapted, fabricated and deployed to activate a city streetscape.

Active Rest thrives through its ability to support any number of urban activities, driven by its enveloping interior space and engaging exterior surfaces.  On the outside, one of the more dramatic activities it can host is campusing, which is a training tool used by rock climbers to improve strength and accuracy, usually scaled up or down using hands only.  On the inside, the rippling plywood strata creates an inwardly-focused space that lends itself to discovery, introspection and perhaps a quick respite from the pressures of urban life.

Composed of plywood strata and tensioned steel rods, Active Rest is being fabricated through CNC milling and is assembled using mechanical means, such that it can be non-destructively disassembled and quickly relocated.


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Woodshed Collaborative's Submission for the 2015 Market Street Prototyping Festival

Sponsored by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the San Francisco Planning Department

WoodShed Collaborative:  Brynn Brothers, Josh Cabot, Chris Kelusak, Doron Serban

Collaborators: Jan-Peter Koppitz of ARUP (Engineering), Masamichi Ikeda and Colleen Nichols of Livermore Architecture & Engineering, Inc (Engineering), Greg Grundstrom (Fabrication)

Production AIAS_AAU Harikrishna Patel, Nathaly Morga-Oregel, Sulaiman Altuwayjiri, Shawn Seung Hung Balik, Leslie Breibar, Sikharin Chayaratana, Chris, Coates, Jj Eikevik, Dylan Ingle, Astireh Baradari, John Gabriel Castaneda, Kevin Colaco, Tommy Day, Kyle M Eilenfeldt, Jon Go, Francisco Gonzalez, Bo Han, Matthew Hartley, Brianna Henderson, Nohelly Jaime, Kristen Levin, Sam Lin, Jiale Ma, Henry Park, Sarah Nicole Peterson, Steve Reid, Ivette Rocha, Mengjie Shen, Jingyuan Shi, Tharique De Silva, Cory Skillman, Mahammad Talakey, Theodore Zimmermani

Production: Eve Brothers, Narina Brothers, Braden Engel, Kerri Conlon, S.Mehdi Lavasani, Mario Mohan, Justin Mrazik, Monica Neiman-Sotomayor, Cristofer Ochoa, Nancy Sayavong, Ana V Serban, Cristian Sotomayor, Gabriela Sotomayor, Will Ward


Market Street | SFO : 2014-2015