As an open place for play and relaxation above the I-405 highway in Portland, RUMPUS Room seeks to maximize activity by creating leisure mash-ups that offer a multivalent range of programmatic opportunities depending upon the time and situation.

Rumpus Room welcomes play of all kinds amid an ever-changing landscape of activity, punctuated by the social possibilities of leisure mash-ups.  Imagine playing pool while scoping that cute stranger over there reading a book; catching a snack from one of Portland’s most touted food cart chefs while watching a rock climber scale the SuperWall; or watching a movie as the stars shine overhead and 60mph traffic slips silently beneath you. 

How will you rumpus?



Woodshed Collaborative's Submission to the STITCH Competition

Sponsored by the Portland Chapter of the AIA

Team:  Josh Cabot, Doron Serban

PDX : 2014